Heimar Collazos, Huila Colombia 1/5

11,90 48,00  sis. alv.

Description: Fruit punch, perfume-like floral notes, hazelnut liqueur

This light roast Colombian coffee is mouth watering! You’ll find notes of fruit punch, hazelnut liqueur and almost perfume-like florality. Pleasant and well-balanced. Medium body.






Origin: Huila, Colombia
Heimar Collazos
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1650m
Process: Anaerobic Honey

This Pink Bourbon has gone through a carefully controlled anaerobic fermentation and honey-process to enhance the coffee’s sweetness. The process has been followed by a prolonged drying period.

The direct trade coffee from producer Heimar Collazos comes from the Huila region in Colombia. He is a young, passionate producer and the eldest son of the Collazos family.


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230g, 1kg


Espresso, Aeropress, Pour Over, Suodatin, Chemex, Pressopannu, Pannu, Papu