Rwanda Gishyita 5/5

10,90 42,00  sis. alv.

Description: Fudge, chocolate, cherry

This dark roast Rwandan coffee is pleasantly smooth. You’ll taste hints of fudge, chocolate and sparkly cherry in every sip. A good choice for the day’s most delicious moment. Full body.



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Origin: Gishyita, Kigarama Cell, Karongi District, Rwanda
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1640m
Process: Natural

This coffee comes from the Gishyita washing station in Rwanda’s Karongi District. Established in 2010, the washing station lies on the slope of a mountain looking west across Lake Kivu toward the hills of Congo in the distance. The station employs 6 staff full time with the addition of 80 seasonal workers during the season, 90% of which are women. A total of 995 local farmers rely on Gishyita for cherry processing.




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