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Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, service station, office or any other place where people gather, everyone has the right enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s always a good option to offer high quality, ethically sourced and fresh Kahwe. We provide a wide variety of solutions tailored to your specific needs. The most important thing is to offer great coffee for a unique group of people.

We are one of many great Finnish roasteries working towards a more ethical and sustainable coffee culture. Whether you choose us or decide to go with another roastery, please be mindful of the decisions you make as they affect the globe – the people, all living beings and the planet as a whole.


Kahwe Yhteistyo-12

Coffee machines

“I can’t wait to get to the office and have a cup of coffee!” This is the type of comment often heard from people who work in an office that gets their coffee supply from us.

Monthly Kahwe delivery

Are you also trying to figure out who was it that brought the bag of coffee to the break room last time? The next time you ask the question the answer could simply be “Kahwe”. Place an order for your office and we make sure your coffee needs are taken care of.


Kahwe can be sampled at a coffee tasting as well! We offer Kahwetasting’s both at our roastery or on-location. The tasting is an entertaining session full of coffee-related stories and fascinating details. You don’t need to know much or be a coffee enthusiast to enjoy the experience fully!

Kahwe as a gift

Are you looking for an affordable and meaningful corporate or employee gift? Private label coffee will not go to waste and can be quite a memorable gift due to the coffee’s high quality. We also offer neat sample packs for those interested in a variety of coffees.

How about some Kahwe?

Good coffee is not a secret, it’s a privilege! Let us know where, when and how you’d like your Kahwe or hit us up for an offer for our products and services.

We will get back to you within a day or two to assist you in all your coffee needs!

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