Coffee machines

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Coffee machines


“I can’t wait to get to the office and have a cup of coffee!” This is the type of comment often heard from people who work in an office that gets their coffee supply from us.

Taking a break, from our busy day and even busier mind,  is essential to our well-being. Coffee provides a wonderful excuse to take a break whether it’s to stare out the window in silence or catch up with our co-workers. Focusing on good, quality coffee might be the easiest way for a company to improve the break experience.

Restaurants & cafés

The menu is point, the pastries are fresh and the seasonal ingredients are well thought out. Well, what about coffee? Unfortunately it’s one area that still gets overlooked quite often.

It might not come as a surprise that we suggest an alternative approach: make sure your coffee is not only good, but really good. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, but really good coffee still sets you apart from your competition more often than not. Focusing on your coffee product shows and sets a different tone for the customer experience. You might even want to consider pairing your food products with coffee.

Comprehensive coffee solutions

We offer comprehensive coffee solutions for offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, service stations and wherever good coffee is offered. Whether you’re looking for an espresso-, automatic-, or batch brew machines, or even hand brew apparatuses such as V60, Aeropress or Chemex, we got you covered. The most important thing to us is that you get not only what you want, but also what you need.

Coffee made from quality beans and with proper machinery/equipment tastes fresh and delicious. The quality remains the same for each cup and it’s always a delight. It’s usually more cost-effective and less stressful to invest in proper, built-to-last and easy-to-maintain machinery and equipment from the get-go. When you’re using the right equipment for your needs you don’t end up wasting coffee either. Once that’s sorted out, we’ll organize coffee deliveries weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever suits you best.

Here’s how it works. It’s quite simple.

  1. We’ll asses your needs for machinery, equipment and coffee beans.
  2. We’ll sample coffees either at the roastery or at your establishment to find the right fit for your specific needs.
  3. We’ll train your staff. Making coffees, maintaining machinery and doing everything sustainably can be meticulous process, albeit a fun one.
  4. We’ll conduct periodic check ups to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you’re happy with all things coffee.


We co-operate with Brimeon Oy in all coffee equipment solutions and machine maintenance. They are a trusted partner that have nearly 20 years of experience in the field.

Fill out the form below or contact us via email at and let’s figure out the best possible solution for your coffee needs.

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