Brazil Fazenda Barinas 2/5

10,50 42,00  sis. alv.

Description: Milk chocolate, hazelnut, walnut, citric fruit

This light medium roast coffee is easily approachable. It carries notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and very pleasant citric fruit. The after taste has hints of walnut. Doesn’t make a big deal of itself, but allows the moment to be exactly what it is, unhindered. Smooth, medium full body.




Origin: Cerrado AraxaMinas Gerais, Brazil
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1000m
Process: Natural

The Castro Alves family history began already in the 19th century in the Araxá region, in Minas Gerais. Founded in 1950, Fazenda Barinas is one of the pioneers in the coffee production of the region, today under the command of Tiago C. Alves. The name Barinas means “where the wind blows the strongest,” and was given in honor of the Araxas Indians, who lived in that region. Nowadays the family is considered a model in the coffees specialty production, a reference in sustainability, and highly known for their diversification and professionalism that culminated in the excellence of the coffees they produce.

The family’s farms are when it comes to sustainability, including three sustainability aspects – environmental, social and economic. The environmental one is pursued through preservation of fauna, flora, springs, planting of native trees, ecological corridors. The social aspect revolves around social work next to one of the rehabilitation centers for ex-chemical dependents. Economically, the farm invests in equipment, training and processes designed to improve coffee quality.


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230g, 1kg


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